第三十二日 インターンの環境/Internship environment




















上司や、先輩の方と話しているだけでも沢山学べることがあるので、皆さんも是非Acroquestでインターンをしてみませんか? 詳しい情報はこちらまで。






Pokemon Go was finally released in Japan, and I am very excited to play it. Hopefully, nobody will get hurt from playing this game.


Today, I was able to fix the graph with a huge help from my boss. I was very happy to see some progress after working on the same graph for more than two days. The mistake I made was that I was putting in the wrong parameter to predict the data. Honestly, I should have known this earlier, but at least I found the problem. Now, I can work on the accuracy of this program.


This was all thanks to my boss and other employees in Acroquest, so I would like to talk about how Acroquest treats their interns. (This will be written from my experience working in Acroquest)


I have mentioned this multiple times in the past, but Acroquest staff is really passionate about the interns. When I go to ask questions, my boss would stop his work to take a look at my source code. Also, my boss would go overtime if he needs to in order to help me understand what I should be doing in new projects.


There are times that my boss is too busy to help me out, but he always tells me when he will be available, so I don’t have to really worry on when I should go ask again. If I don’t understand what he said, he will explain the problem to me in different ways so that I can eventually understand. Obviously, my boss wouldn’t tell me the answer, but he will give me advices and hints that will lead me to the solution. This is good for my learning as well.


When I am having difficulties, my boss will come all the way to my desk and ask me how I am doing. Also, the employees at my desk will occasionally ask me how my work is going. Although these are small things, it really does make a difference to my performance.


I am happy that I am able to work in such a friendly environment. You can contact Acroquest about the internship from here.




Morihisa Nagai